Inspirations Liturgical Designs is an American tailoring company specializing in the production and sale of traditional and contemporary liturgical vestments for the Roman Catholic Church. Begun in 1987 in the city of Tampa, FL, within the Diocese of St. Petersburg, we have been outfitting the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by producing liturgical vestments for seminarians, priests, bishops, cardinals, and even two popes.  We provide a vast array of fabrics, including lightweight, extra fine weave wool, a large selection of liturgical brocades, and a multitude of trim options. We are even able to embellish your vestments with hand embroidery, machine embroidery, or custom applique’s.  Exquisite craftsmanship, years of experience, and attention to detail makes Inspirations Liturgical Designs an obvious choice for your handmade Mass vestments. 

InspirationsLiturgical  Designs

Inspirations Liturgical Designs