I retired from teaching in 2000, which allows me to do what I love the most – making beautiful liturgical vestments.  I have been blessed by being commissioned to make stoles for two popes and special vestments for cardinals and archbishops.  I have outfitted many priests and seminarians over the years, and my collection consists of both contemporary and traditional styles. However, the most important thing to me, and that which fills me with the most joy, is simply having the great honor to use the gifts God has given me to create vestments used at the altar for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Linda Patterson

InspirationsLiturgical  Designs

Originally from Ohio, I moved to Florida in 1968 with my husband, Robert. Once settled, I returned to college and became a kindergarten teacher.  During my teaching career, our parish began building a new church, and I wanted to donate something special. Since I loved to sew, my sister Darla, an Ursuline nun, suggested that I make a few new chasubles for the parish. She became my first inspiration by encouraging me and loaning me her patterns.  Once becoming proficient at making chasubles and stoles, and with much encouragement from our parish priest, I began Inspirations Liturgical Designs in 1987 and continued making vestments while still working as a teacher.